Brazil World Cup

Ireland Dublin Airport

Germany Koln Railway Station

Ireland Dublin College

Australia Liverpool Catholic Club

Germany Cologne Cathedral

Russia Red Village Mall

Russia Koshurnikova Shopping Mall

France Pairs Subway

Lao Hydropower Station

Malaysia IKEA

Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Mauritania Convention and exhibition center

New York M&M Centre

New York Laguardia Airport

Mexico General Navy Hospital

Mexico General Navy Hospital

South Africa Johannesburg Hospital

Sri Lanka Blue Water Hotel

Sri Lanka Galle Face Hotel

Sri Lanka cricket World Cup

Thailand Svan Prvng Hospital

Milan Shopping Mall

Italy Outdoor Project

Rome Airport

Milan International Airport

Beijing west railway station


China Chengdu/Mianyang/Leshan High-speed Railway Station

Suzhou expo center

ChongQing Zesheng Shopping Center

Support a better life

With innovative technology, rigorous quality and efficient service to support a better life

The land area is more than 230000 square meters

KOYO Elevator Co., Ltd is a professional designer, research, manufacturer, seller, installer and maintainer of elevator, escalator, passenger conveyor.

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Intelligent, safe, comfortable, environmental

Germany's exquisite and rigorous manufacturing process is a combination of traditional Chinese aesthetics. The research and development team of KOYO is designed to make high-quality intelligent environmental protection series and escalator pavement products for domestic and international users

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The results are all over the world, representing the Chinese manufacturing to the world

Residential, subway, airport, high-speed rail, hospitals, Banks, universities, expos, etc., connect the elevator to every important space of life

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