The results are all over the world, representing the Chinese manufacturing to the world

KOYO Watchword

KOYO products have been sold well in 116 countries around the world, we support a better a life

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    Use the first prize to prove achievement of created in China

    From made in China to go global, KOYO use enthusiasm for insisting perfection and concentrate on pursuing high quality. KOYO’s achievement has brought pride to China. We use 16”Best in the world” 

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    Worldwide Chinese elevator brand

    First-rate staff quality creates a perfect service experience. KOYO Combine technology and service and create a World-recognized elevator brand. It has rewritten history of China which from made

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    Support a better life

    KOYO should see far: See great prospect and austere challenge in the future, See close too: Even a screw we also should pay attention. KOYO still need to move forward step by step and support a b

Brand vision

Create in China with the first achievement

With innovative technology, rigorous quality and efficient service to support a better life

Support a better life

KOYO Elevator Co., Ltd is a professional designer, researcher, manufacture, seller, installer and maintainer of elevator, introducing advanced Germany technology, combining Germany exquisite and rigorous manufacturing technique with Chinese traditional aesthetics and has cooperated with Suzhou University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and successfully researched and developed its own board and control system.

Supply global user a more comfortable, convenient, safe, environmental solution to building transport facilities

Since established in 2002, KOYO products have been sold well in Germany, France, Italy, America, UK, South Africa. Sales network has reached to 98 countries and areas.

Enterprise certificate

KOYO products have been sold well in 116 countries around the world, we support a better a life

production base

Producing base

Cooperative customer

Servicing customers is important, Working with heart is more important

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