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Modernization center profile

Choose KOYO to let your product take on an altogether new aspect without fear at rear.

The engineers in the modernization center will provide one-stop service for you. They will conduct to comprehensive systematic modernization according to modernizing request from customer after working out suitable modernization plans.

Modernization have the advantages of small invest, short construction period and small influence to buildings. The elevators escalators which after modernizing will save more power, reduce maintenance charge. After a few years, modernization cost will be regained.

The modernization center equip with engineering technicians, project management personnel, field engineer, technician etc… The professionals can complete a serious of modernization such as control technology, driving technology, control system, decoration etc…

The modernization center set consulting, offer, configuration, production, installation and debugging as an organic whole and provide one-stop and all-around service,

KOYO has a full set of mature modernization process. We will make a suitable modernization plan according to modernization quantity and customer request. KOYO professionals will help to reduce modernization time, let you use the least cost to have the largest value.

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