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Sightseeing elevator

Exquisite and beautiful design, lifting your life

KOYO panoramic elevators focus on the modern architecture design with permeability. The surrounding environment becomes the building structural component. They shuttle in the light and air and increases smart experience of visual mobile. They are the perfect combination of ride comfort and visual beauty.

KOYO panoramic elevator adopts hyperspace thinking of innovative technologies. KOYO can design and produce a variety of styles with four side sightseeing car. Their structure is very firm, novel and beautiful. When taking these lifts, the passengers not only watch the charming scenery around the buildings, taste sweet and comfortable life, but also realize your dream during shuttling in the brilliant and lustrous sky.

Excellence and multiple design style, is not only suitable for large shopping malls, shopping centers, exhibition halls, hotels, restaurants and other occasions, but also adding a bright color for office building, reflecting its unique style.

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