Rank first company in China elevator exportation

KOYO products have been sold well in 116 countries around the world, we support a better a life

The results are all over the world, representing the Chinese manufacturing to the world

Residential, subway, airport, high-speed rail, hospitals, Banks, universities, expos, etc., connect the elevator to every important space of life

  • Milan World Expo

  • Italy Milano Subway

  • Sri Lanka Lotus Tower

  • Zhejiang?jia?KaiCheng?project

  • Sri Lanka Galle Face Hotel

  • Suzhou?International?Expo?Center

  • South Africa President Office

  • Chongqing?Ze?Sheng?central?square?aerial?view?of?aplaza

  • South Africa 69 President Office

  • Yijun Daiweiyin holiday inn

  • South Africa Johannesburg Hospital

  • Jilin blue sky international

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